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King Bowser Koopa
Bowser is the main protagonist in almost every Mario game, always kidnapping Peach and trying to take over her kingdom. He has a spiked shell and the ability to breathe fire. He's as big as DK is, so watch out for Bowser!
Bio: Bowser is constantly trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but luckily for us, our heroes Mario and Luigi always defeat him. Bowser is crude, rude and evil, but he does have a soft spot  for Peach. He somehow acquired seven kids, but after failing to defeat Mario twice, he sent them away to the Boarding School for Villains of Tomorrow.
Appearances: Super Mario Bros. (NES), Super Mario World (SNES), Super Mario 64 (N64)
Ranking: Rookie (Super Smash Bros Melee)
Linkage: The Mushroom Kingdom

Super Smash Bros. Melee Moves:
Slash A A quick claw slash
Quick Slash A + A Two quick slashes
Head Smash Forward + A Pound an opponent
Bowser Punch Forward, then A Powerful punch
Shell Spin Down + A Spin around
Double Slash Down, then A Double duty attack
Overhead Slash Up, then A Attack above
Shell Hop Up + A Withdraw and jump up
Jump Slash In mid jump, press Up + A Slash your opponent in the air.
Forward Slash In mid jump, Forward + A Slash attack
Shell Attack In mid jump, Back + A Pointy!
Shell Shock In mid jump, Down + A Slam into an opponent
Fire Breath B (hold) Breathe fire
Block Breaker Down + B Jump up and slam the ground
Super Shell Spin Up + B PFlying Spinning Shell
Claw Slash/Grab Tap Foward + B Slash, or grab when close
Bite B After Claw Grab