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Have the hankerin' for some cool merchandise? Check out the SMASH store then! You'll find cool products related to all your favorite Smash Bros. characters. All purchases are made through If you are under 14, please ask your parents for permission before buying anything on-line.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
The hottest game on the planet! Face off with over 20 Nintendo mascots in a free for all slug-fest with the most mind blowing graphics ever! New modes include an all new Quest mode and a Tournament mode for up to 64 players! Rated T for Teen for Mild Violence and Comic Mischief.
$49.95 GCN
Super Smash Bros.
The game that started it all! Play as famous Nintendo mascots in a wild free for all with up to four players!
$39.95 N64
Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns
Just what happened to Mewtwo at the end of the First Movie? This TV movie, which previously only aired in Japan, reunites Ash with Mewtwo, and they both must fight against Giovanni and a tough new member of Team Rocket to protect a life giving water spring.
$14.95 DVD
Mario Kart Super Circuit
Rev up your engines again, and take Mario and friends around the track, this time on Gameboy Advance! With over 20 tracks and multiple battle modes, you'll keep busy on long road trips with this one!
$29.99 GBA
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Possibly the greatest Zelda adventure of all time, Ocarina of Time reveals Link's first adventure, as he goes from a ten year old forest child to a powerful teen monster slayer, all in a quest to save Princess Zelda and the land of Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf. 1999 Game of the Year.
$39.95 N64
Kirby's Tilt N' Tumble
Tilt the Gameboy and Kirby rolls! A special gamepak allows you to control Kirby by tilting your gameboy to make him roll around the screen.
$29.99 GBC (also playable on GBA)
Gameboy Advance
The most popular handheld gaming system just got better! The GBA features a wider screen and a 32-bit processor for bigger, more amazing games!
$99.99 GBA
Advance Wars
Advance Wars is a seriously addictive strategy game. The multiplayer mode links up to four players in a variety of riveting scenarios designed to stretch your strategy skills. 
$29.99 GBA
Pokemon the Movie 3
The latest, and some say, best, Pokemon movie, finds Ash and Pikachu facing off against Entei and the mysterious Unown who have kidnapped Ash's mom. With the ultra cute short, "Pikachu and Pichu".
$19.99 DVD
Couldn't find a Gamecube for Christmas? Well, get the next best thing, a Sega Dreamcast! With great games like Soul Caliber, Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, as well as on-line gaming, it's the perfect way to wait for the next shipment of cubes. And with Sonic Adventure, you'll get a taste of the hedgehog's upcoming adventure on Gamecube!
$79.99 DC