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Is Mario still the best? Does Pikachu make you happy? Could Yoshi beat Bowser? Send in your questions, comments and thoughts using the form below, or by e-mailing us at We reply to your questions every week or so in this section.

Mailbag for 12.01.01 - Almost Launch Day!
Mailbag for 11.21.01 - More Secret Characters
Mailbag for 11.11.01 - Happy Veterans Day!
Mailbag for 11.02.01 - More character requests and Pokemon Puns
Mailbag for 10.26.01 - Megaman and old Nickelodeon TV shows
Mailbag for 10.12.01 - Ash, Ganondorf and more!

Please note! We cannot answer you directly if you use the Mail Form. If you have a gameplay question that needs to be answered, first check out the FAQ and Secrets section of the site, then send us an e-mail

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