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It was time for the annual Heroes Convention at Princess Peach's Castle. All the heroes were there...but they were all upset. They couldn't agree on who was the greatest Hero of them all. 

"I think I should be the greatest," Mario said, holding his head up high. 
"Why should you be?" said Fox, walking up to Mario. 
"Because I've had more games than anyone here combined!" 
"Yeah, but they all haven't been hits!" Samus Aran piped in. "'Mario's Time Machine'? What was that?" 
"Oh, you think you're better?" Mario replied. 
"You don't think I'm hero material because I'm a girl?" Samus steamed. 
"Huh! Well, have any of you ever faced down an evil drooling space ape?" Fox joined in. 
"No, but how about your normal everyday drooling ape?" Mario said 
"Hey! I heard that!" said Donkey Kong, joining the argument. "I'm just a big a hero as you all are!" 
"Please! You've been kidnapped twice in a row!" grumbled Mario. 
"I believe I'm be the greatest." Link said walking up. "I've traveled through time and space to save Hyrule!" 
"Big deal!" Yoshi said. "You think it's easy having Mario ride on me? I still have back pains!" 
"What about me?" yelled Kirby. "I can take on the powers of my enemies!" 
"Yeah, you can beat up a bunch of marshmellow enemies!...whoopee!" Samus retorted. "I eat baddies like that for breakfast!" 
"Pika!!!!!" Pikachu yelled. Everyone stopped arguing and looked at him. 
"Pikaaa! Pi Pi Pikaa Chu Chu!" 
"Uh...right..." Mario said. 

The argument continued as Luigi and Princess Peach looked on. 
"Luigi, you've got to do something! This is getting worse than an episode of Terry Springster!" 
Luigi walked up to the heroes and held his hands up. "Quiet down, everyone! If you all want to decided once and for all who the greatest hero..." 
"Ahem!" Samus said. 
"...or heroine is, I have an idea!" Luigi said. 
"What's your idea, little brother?" Mario asked. 
"We have a tournament, no holds barged, and we see who has the skills to become a hero!" 
"Hmmm....not a bad idea..." Fox said. 
"Sounds good to me!" Donkey Kong said. 
"Pika Pika!" Pikachu said. 

And so, the greatest challenge of their lives began...

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