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I regret to inform you that I can no longer update Super Smash Bros. Central. has severely cut down the size and bandwidth of this site, as well as charging for FTP access. I could almost handle not using FTP, but I only have 512 megs of bandwidth a month now. And I've found that the site uses this up within a matter of days. In other words, and as hard as it is for me to believe, the site has become too popular for its own good. This is disenhartening for me, as this is the third time I've moved this site to a new server, and the second time a server has "screwed" me over. I also have very little free time anymore, with a full time job and attempting to start a free lance business, as well as other projects, so I must give up this page. This wasn't the most popular SSBM page in the world, but I thank the readers who did care to drop in. It was a fun hobby while it lasted, but sadly, it must end. I would have announced this sooner, when Freeservers first annonced this cutback, but like I mentioned before, access to this site has been extremely poor.
If you were looking for codes for SSBM, just check out the Secrets section in the Super Smash Bros Melee GCN area. If you want further in-depth strategy, I heartily suggest picking up Nintendo Power's Official SSBM Players' Guide. It's very good, with a full checklist for the trophies and details on every stage and character and secret in the game.
It's been fun. But rest assured you'll hear from me again.
Ciao, Josh.
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