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Captain Falcon
One of the racers from F-Zero comes to a stop on Smash Bros. Captain Falcon has some pretty fast moves, and pretty lame catch-phrases. He moves very fast, even faster than the already speedy Fox.
Bio: Not much is known about Captain Falcon, except that he is a great fighter and an even better racer. Falcon is a regular competitor in the F-Zero races, but beyond that is a mystery. Some speculate that he is some sort of strange superhero, or has actually served in a police force, but a few fans believe he is actually a New York taxi cab driver...
Appearances: F-Zero (SNES), F-Zero X (N64)
Ranking: Veteran (Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros Melee)
Linkage: Team F-Zero

Super Smash Bros. / Super Smash Bros Melee Moves:
One, Two, Kick! A + A + A Punch, punch, kick
Fury Punches Press A rapidly Lotsa punches
Ragining Kick Forward + A Thrust kick
Foward Kick Forward, then A Standard Kick
Thrust Uppercut Up + A Spinning Uppercut
Heel Drop Up, then A  Slam your opponents noggin
Double Sweep Down + A Swing your leg in both directions
Low Kick Down, then A Kick low
Flip Kick In mid jump, Up + A Overhead kick
Bring Down In mid jump, Down + A Foot stomp
Drill Kick In mid jump, Foward + A Powerful spinning kick
Back Punch In mid jump, Back + A Punch backward
Ram Charge Dash + A Shoulder bash
Falcon Punch B Powerful punch
Falcon Kick Down + B Powerful kick
Falcon Grab Up + B Grab opponent, then kick him away
Falcon Dash Forward + B A quick dash