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Fox McCloud
Fox is a courageous space explorer who defends his home world from evil forces.. if the prices is right. Fox has the benifit of using his blaster and a portable version of those G Diffuser sheilds on his Arwing. Fox is very quick on his feet, as foxes usually are.
Bio: After the death of his father, young Fox became the leader of the elite squadron of Arwing pilots known as Star Fox. Fox is a skilled pilot, and isn't ashamed to ask for help from friends. He has battled the dark plots of Star Wolf and defeated the evil Andross, but after all that, a distress signal came from a far away planet...
Appearances: Star Fox (SNES), Star Fox 64 (N64), Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet (NGC)
Ranking: Veteran (Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros Melee)
Linkage: Star Fox

Super Smash Bros. / Super Smash Bros. Melee Moves:
Fury Kick Tap A rapidly Two quick punches
Spinning Kick Foward + A Kick attack
Jump Kick Foward, then A Blow to the body
Flip Kick Up + A Kick to the noggin
Roundhouse Kick Up, then A High kick
Side Kicks Down + A Kick to both sides
Tail Swipe Down, then A Spin your tail around in a circle
Hyper Grav Jump Kick In mid jump, Up + A Jump up and kick out.
Swirlwind Kick In mid jump, Foward + A Spin kick to the side
Swirlwind Kick 2 In mid jump, Down + A Same as above, but goes down
Back Kick In mid jump, Back + A Back kick
Running Kick Dash + A Powerful kick
Blaster Gun B Fire a plasma beam
Portable Z-Diffuser Down + B Reflect projectiles
Fox Fire Up + B Flaming Fox Attack
Fox Illusion Foward + B A very quick charge attack