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Well I like the fact that you have both info on SSB and SSBM. But now I have info for you Gannondorf have been confirmed in Melee. But if you don't believe me go to Super Smash Bros. Fantasy and then go to Super Smash Bros. Melee. The third thing there is that it says Ganondorf was confirmed. Or go to Or or or (See its everywhere).

Well, thanks a lot for plugging all those other sites! Seriously, I knew that, but I didn't want to add any hidden characters to the roster until I was certain that the characters were there. Plus, I can't update every day, so I usually wait until the weekend to add any new news.

I think Banjo,Sonic,Conker,Diddy (not Dixie), Luigi,Gannondorf,and Buck Bumble (you know that cyborg bee) should be the secret characters in SSBM.
~ Paschal Dooley

Buck Bumble? Talk about more obscure than the Ice Climber Kids! Besides, I think he belongs to UBI Soft or something like that. Well, here's the lowdown on the secret characters. Luigi, Ganondorf and Jigglypuff have all but been confirmed for Melee. Banjo and Diddy are possible, but I kinda doubt it. You'll probably see them as trophies though. As for Conker, I've gotten a feeling from reading various interviews that Nintendo of Japan isn't really that wild about Conker, so he's out. And finally, Sonic, we do love ya buddy, and we'd love to have ya, but this is a NINTENDO mascot game. If Sega would ink a deal that let Sonic appear exclusively on Nintendo platforms, we could probably see him in Super Smash Bros 3, but for right now, you'll have to play Sonic Adventure 2 to get your Sonic Gamecube thrills.

Well actuly i have a quetion. How do you geat C.Falcon,Ness, Louigi,Peach,Ice Glipmer kid, Bowser and the others?
I realy din't know that they were more then 12 Characters, and i realy want those character How to get them please tell me. And i think you guys must be experts to get them.
Thank You!!
~ Sam OK

OK, Sam, if that is your real name, listen up. I don't know which game you're talking about, but there are only 12 characters in the original Smash Bros. In Super Smash Bros. MELEE, there are new characters. And I can't possibly tell you how to get secret characters such as "Louigi" and "Ice Glipmer kid" if the game hasn't even been released yet.
P.S. Spellcheck. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

i hope ash isnt one of the characters.that would stink.

I hate to say it,but the first hidden charachter looks like ash ketchum.i relly hope im wrong

We told Ash what you two said and he took it rather maturely.. Though we did hear him mumbling about sending his Charizard to Fire Blast some people...

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