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How did the rumors of Sonic the Hedgehog, Banjo-Kazooie and other secret charcters start forming? who came up with these rumors?

Well you see, it's rather simple. You see, someone, let's call him Todd, feels like tricking his buddy, let's call him Timmy, into thinking there's a secret character in their favorite game. Timmy believes his buddy, and gets so excited about it, he logs onto the internet and tells his online buddy about this new secret character. And then his buddy tells two friends. And they tell two friends. And so on, and so on, and so on. Pretty soon everyone is talking about this new ecret character that just doesn't exist. And that's how such rumors get started.
And as for Timmy? He went back and told Todd about how to capture Yoshi in Pokemon Yellow...

Could fox be one of the strongest characters in the game?
~ Pete

Is this the same Pete? Or is this his brother Pete? In the original game, Fox wasn't very strong, but he was awfully quick, with weak but speedy attacks that could grate on your nerves after a while. He might be evened out a bit in Melee, but expect him to have the same stats he had in the first game.
And if no one caught the Pete and Pete reference, I'm going to feel very old....

Hey its just me. I first wanted to say that i think your website is really cool and informative but lets cut to the chase... don't you guys think that Mega Man would be a GREAT choice to be a secret fighter. I've never even heard of the Ice Climber Kids and think that he would be a better choice than those little kids.
~ Pauly 123

Are you dissing the Ice Climber Kids? I'd be careful about insulting possibly hostile kindergardeners carrying huge mallets. And even though Mega Man in Super Smash Bros would never happen, it would be cool... as long as it was the old school Mega Man, not the new EXE version that's out right now. Think about it, each time Mega Man defeats an opponent, he would gain the opponent's powers!... Eh, it'll never happen.

Hi it's me again (I'm the who asked about Buck Bumble),I just what to ask a few more questions
1:Will Falco (from lylat wars) be a secret character?
2:Can you mention the new attacks the old characters have?
3:Will DK still his Giant Punch attack (you know that attack when you charge up with "B").
4:PLEASE! Don't tell me Ash will be a secret character?
5:How do you contral the characters?
6:Do Giant DK and Metal Mario make an appearence?
PLEASE answer me!
~ Paschal

1. For those of you who aren't European, Lylat Wars is the title used in the Europe release of Star Fox 64. And I don't think Falco will be a playable character.
2. Each character has at least one new attack. Samus Aran shoots homing missiles, and Mario can use the cape he had in Super Mario World to repel projectiles.
3. I'm sure he will.
4. What's wrong with Ash? I like Ash. I think it would be cool if he fought by sending out Pokemon instead of doing battle himself.
5. Pretty much the same way as in the original game, though it's a bit different.
6. Maybe... that's all I'll say for now.

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