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"Hi!" A kirby joke. HA HA no not funny I would like to see you do beter you @!#$%. Just anouther joke! Okay now to the point. Why don't people suggest Wario to be a secret charachter. Wario and Waluigi. Imagin the team battle fun of THE MARIO BROTHERS V.S. THE WARIO BROTHERS! I think for beter nintendo sucess they should have official nintendo polls to choose any single NINTENDO or soon to be nintendo charachters. Get rid of Jigglypuff,Ice Climbers, and other stupid secret melee charachters that not much people know and replace them with King K.rool(DK boss),King DEE DEE(Kirby guy),Conker,Banjo,Sonic, Knuckles,Ganon,young link,baby Mario, and DK junior etc...
~Jonny Suplex

Most of the joy people get out of Super Smash Bros. is seeing older characters they haven't seen in a long time. Remember seeing Samus after almost eight years since her last game? And I like Jigglypuff, mostly because I would use it to humiliate my college roommate by beating the tar out of his Donkey Kong.

Where do you get the most recent SSBM pics and how do you get pics, what is the process do you get it from spaceworld and E3etc... I might not know what i'm talking about I have never been to any nintendo things. I am just curios about it, or do you just get them from other sites what is your process. When SSBM is released in Japan do you think we will get alot of info. (Oh No! it might even ruin the affect.) But do you think we could find out about the secret charachters in melee. Or beter yet pics of them.
~Jonny Suplex

I get all my pics from where IGN and other Smash Bros sites get them from... I swipe 'em from Nintendo of Japan's site.
Once SSBM is released in Japan, I'll have some new info, but I'm going to try and hold some back to prevent spoiling any surprises... but I'll be glad to give hints!

I fell like every one is out growing Mario execpt me. But lets give the plummer some credit. Dont forget the guy who started it all. He is my second favorite character in SSB (KIRBY RULES!). But back to Mario, the inventors of Mario worked really hard to get him where he is. He had the first N64 game out. Followers of paper Mario might slightly understand what I'm talking about. (Trivia what was Mario before he was a plummer, a carpenter). You also have to give DK credit to he puts up a good fight to Mario. (For those who don't understand what I'm talking about try to remember that old Mario game where he had to jump alot to reach that over grown ape who kidnaped Peach). He did not have a name yet so they called him jumpman. So now that I have refreshed your recolection of the history of Mario lets all give him a little bit more credit. Expect to hear from me again on a different topic.
~Jonny Suplex

Geez, this is like the fifth letter you sent within an hour! Next time, just condense it all into one letter, okay, buddy? And anyone who feels that Mario games (or Zelda, or Pokemon, or StarFox) are too kiddy for him or her needs to go back to their Xbox.

Well I just had to let you know at (this is really farfetched) but it says Conker_Crazed12 recently spotted a character in a Cube Club build of Melee, who, until now, had remained unseen.
Prince Mars, of Fire Emblem.
He has been confirmed playable along with Jigglypuff, Gannondorf, and Luigi.
Well I don't know Prince Mars and I don't know if he's in but I think is as reliable as What do you think???
~ Moneyman

That's not farfetched, this is Farfetch'd!
My all time favorite Pokemon
::pummeled from all sides by soda cans and rotten fruit::
Okay, bad pun. This is the first I've heard of a character from Fire Emblem in the game. Considering his screen name was Conker_Crazed12, he's probably not the most reliable source, but hey, you never know. I guess we'll have to wait until the 21st to find out.

Who would you like to see as secret characters in melee ? i know even though sonic and mega man are long shot you have to admit it would be cool, also how would you rate the characters in a top 10 order and why ?
~ Drapes

I know I'm just asking for backlash here, so here goes. Just for the record, this list is for the original game, since I haven't had a chance to play Melee yet.
1. Mario - The best jumper in the game. Not to mention the Mario Tornado can really irritate your opponents.
2. Link - He has awesome projectiles, and an awesome weapon, the Master Sword!
3. Pikachu - The electric mouse is speedy and has shocking attacks, plus he's a hit with the ladies ;)
4. Kirby - The ability to absorb powers is equaled only by his hellacool piledrive throw move.
5. Samus - Her attacks are kinda weak, but her Screw Attack is annoying beyond belief
6. Ness - Anyone who attacks with psychic yo-yos is OK in my book
7. Luigi - A bit faster than Mario, though I wish he had more multiple hit attacks.
8. Captain Falcon - He's really fast... maybe a bit too fast, because I keep accidentally falling off ledges
9. Donkey Kong - He's a bit too slow for me, but he really packs a whallop
10. Fox - His attacks leave something to be desired, but his reflector sheild is interesting
11. Yoshi - His egg attacks are hard to aim, plus he sucks at jumping.
12. Jigglypuff - Taunting with the ultra-cute "Jigglypuff" taunt while your opponent flies off the screen is one of the few joys of Jigglypuff. If it also drew on a sleeping opponent's face with a marker, it would be higher on the list.

Is Mario still the best? Does Pikachu make you happy? Could Yoshi beat Bowser? Send in your questions, comments and thoughts using the form below, or by e-mailing us at supersmashbroscentral@hotmail.coms. We reply to your questions every week or so in this section.

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