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I'm sorry if I'm annoying you, but I have a few questions and comments left,
1: What is that white blob Fox is fighting in one of the screenshots
2: DK isn't that slow! He should be at least 8+ on your list!
3: What is that weapon Fox is holding in one of the screenshots?
4: Do you know what DK's new attack is? (I'm a fan of his you see)
5: How does the new quest mode work?
6: After his sucess, I think Banjo should be a secert character, why are his chances so slim?

Thank you for answering my questions, I promise this is the last one!
~Paschal Dooley

Hey, if it wasn't for pesky readers like you, we wouldn't have a mailbag, now would we?
1. I believe it's a punching bag of sorts. Either that or get ready for the next big franchise with "White Blob GCN".
2. That's just my own personal opinion. Some people can handle some characters better than others. For me, I like to use characters that are quick and have decent attack power.
3. I believe in the shot you're asking about, Fox is holding a Super Scope. If you don't remember, the Super Scope was a SNES light gun accessory. It had very few games, and the best one, Yoshi's Safari, wasn't even that great. If you can find one at a garage sale, go ahead and purchase it, just to check it out. You can always sell it at your own garage sale (maybe even at a profit... that's what I did! ;)
4. DK has a move where he can pound his opponents into the ground like tent pegs, immobilizing them for a few seconds. Cool, huh?
5. I'm not sure yet, but from what I understand, you go through each character's world (such as The Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule and Kanto) in a side-scrolling format and battle different enemies based on their games until you reach the main character of the level.
6. Probably because he is a Rare creation, and not a true Nintendo character. But never say never! Personally, I'd like to see what kind of taunt Kazooie would use ;)

I just received my Gamecube preview disc with Nintendo Power 150, and I must say, wow! The disc has a movie of the game, and if the actual game is ANYTHING like the movie, it's gonna rock! Seeing and hearing our favorite characters fight is too awesome!

Yeah, it was groovy, wasn't it? And if you don't subscribe to Nintendo Power, you can also score a disc by going to almost any retail chain that carries Nintendo goods.

Hey um when is SuperSmashMelee coming out? Because at they said that the game will come out the 6th. But you said the 3rd. So which is it???? Also does Gamecube come out on Nov.18???

Smash Bros. Melee officially comes out on the 3rd of December, but some stores like Wal-Mart and Target won't get it until the 5th. Amazon might have set the date back, simply because it takes a while to process pre-orders and has to account for shipping time. And yes, the Cube comes out on November 18th. Come midnight of November 17th, I'll be standing in line to get my cube and copy of Luigi's Mansion! :)

Did you hear? IGN,PLANETGAMCUBE,GAMECUBEXL, and all say there are 11 secret characters. Is this true?

Yes. Um, no. Uh, maybe?

How often do you have an e-mail bag up-date ?

When ever I get enough letters to suffice a good update... such as this one!

Is Mario still the best? Does Pikachu make you happy? Could Yoshi beat Bowser? Send in your questions, comments and thoughts using the form below, or by e-mailing us at We reply to your questions every week or so in this section.

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