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Do you like chicken ?

Yes I do.

Hey how are you do doing? Im pretty good but I have some questions and remarks that I think you should ponder... I know that there have been ALOT of secret character postings but I got to thinking as I was looking through my classic NES games... plus no one has talked bout them anyways. I think that the Snow Brothers would be an awesome choice (do you even remember them?) but I guess there are already the Ice Climbers. Another great choice would be Little Nemo. I remember playing his Dream Master game ALL the time when I was younger. Well what do you think?
~Pauly 123

Yeah, I remember the Snow Brothers, but I believe Capcom owns the rights to them. Then again, you may never know with the way Nintendo and Capcom are getting along (Capcom working on the Zelda Oracle series, Capcom making Resident Evil exclusive to Gamecube)... Hmmmm......

Who would you like to see as secret charcters in SSBM?

Janet Reno. ;)

I've got a few questions I need you to answear.
1.could you list the emermies that each character fights in the quest mode?
2.Since they put Peach,Mario & Bowser in, why don't they just add Mallow and Geno and compleate the team?
3.If they didn't include Banjo becuase he was a Rare creation, why is DK there?
4.I think that it would be cool if they added in Charizard as a playable character, don't you think?
~Steve Pelletier

1. I couldn't possibly list all the enemies in Quest Mode. Let's just say almost every recognizable enemy from every character's game makes an appearance
2. Mallow and Geno were created by Squaresoft, and as you probably know, Nintendo and Square really haven't been the best of friends ever since that thing where Squaresoft publically said the N64 sucked.
3. Because DK was originally created by Nintendo. They just use the 'current' Rare model.
4. Eh, Charizard sucks. I'm so glad Ash left him behind in that valley. I.. oh, hi, Charizard, how are..... YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

I heard that the knew secret charactors in Super Smash Bros. Melee where Ash, Sonic, Banjo-Kazoi, and Gandolf. Is this true? And a nother thing. Why??? Why not Mega Man and Pac-Man? why did you bring back the anoying Jigglypuff. In my game it was nothing more that a week moving punching bag.
~Dead Line Zero

You may want to proof-read these things before you send them in dude. We have no hard evidence about the secret characters yet, aside from Miyamoto mentioning Luigi in Smash Bros Melee. Mega Man and Pac-Man aren't Nintendo characters. And finally, Jigglypuff isn't confirmed either. Despite what most people think, Jigglypuff is awfully popular in Japan. In fact, when the Pokemon TV series was first in production in Japan, Ash almost ended up with a Jigglypuff instead of Pikachu!

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