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Who is Mr. Game and Watch ?

What mode and character do you personally think will be the coolest in Super Smash Bros. Melee?
Also, I reconize most of the uncomfirmed secret characters, but could you clue me in as to who Mr.Game and Watch is?

Who is Mr. Game and Watch? WHO IS MR. GAME AND WATCH??!??!!???? Uh.... who IS Mr. Game and Watch?
Well, Mr. Game and Watch is a throwback to the very early eighties, when Nintendo made handheld units called Game and Watch (this was long before Gameboy). Each unit contained a simple game, like juggling or log jumping. The graphics were very primitive, as is Mr. Game and Watch. He's actually pretty funky to watch in SSBM.

First I would like to say THIS SITE ROCKS I mean you have very cool screenshots for SSBM and tons of information for the game and I think Ash would be a cool character for it.Anyway time to get to to question I want to ask when are you are you going to finish your SSBM section and are you going to get screenshots for SSBM?

The Melee section will get done as I play the game and begin to unlock its secrets. I'll probably hold off on detailing how to earn certain secrets for a little while, so I won't spoil any surprises you might find. And I usually swipe screens from Nintendo of Japan's site, but I'm trying to track down some equipment to feed the images from my TV into my PC.

1:I think it's cool that Falco may be secret character (you said it wasn't likely), but why PICHU, wouldn't he be the same as Pikachu? Plus I don't think Dr Mario should be one either.
2:If Ash is a secret character, I think he could have an attack where he traps his foe in a pokeball, making them unable to fight.
3:Finally I think we should have either Wario or Koopa Troopa as secret character
~Paschal Dooley

1. Yes, Pichu and Dr. Mario play very much like Pikachu and Mario, but Falco also plays much like Fox! They've been dubbed "clone" characters, since they play much like other characters with only slight differences. Other "clones" include Ganondorf, Kid Link, and Roy.
2. Sigh... maybe in Smash Bros. 3.....
3. I wish they would put Koopa Troopa back in the Mario Kart series. I used him all the time in the original SNES Mario Kart!

On the high target in the SSB FAQ section, you have written to use the boomarang. Where in fact, it is much easier to get a bomb, double jump, and Up+A to throw it.
~Brandon Hepker


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