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Yoshi is adored by millions world-wide.  His most bizarre move is swallowing up his opponent, then laying an egg, with the opponent trapped inside! Just like his previous games, Yoshi can gain a little extra altitude by "running" in the air.
Bio: Yoshi has known Mario ever since Mario was a baby, when he rescued him from Baby Bowser. Now, years later, Mario and Yoshi team up to fight against baddies who threaten the vast Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi and his kind have bottomless stomaches, and eat constantly. Sure, this might make fighting enemies easier, but you should see Yoshi's monthly 'Yoshi Chow' bill!
Appearance: Super Mario World (SNES), Yoshi's Island (SNES), Mario Kart 64 (N64)
Ranking: Veteran (Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros Melee)
Linkage: The Mushroom Kingdom

Super Smash Bros. / Super Smash Bros. Melee Moves:
Double Kick A + A Double kick attack
Dino Ram Forward + A Head Butt
Ram Kick Forward, then A Roundhouse Kick
Slamtastic Head Butt Up + A Flying head butt
Jump Attack Up, then A Another head attack
Jurassic Park Tail Swipe Down + A Swing tail in a circle
Low Swipe Down, then A Same as above but lower
Jumping Tail Flip In mid jump, Up + A Upward flip
Spinning Dino In mid jump, Forward + A Somersault head butt
Super Stomp In mid jump, Down + A Slam opponent's head
Back Attack In mid jump, Back + A Guard your rear
Head Attack Dash + A Another Head Butt
Tounge Lash B Swallow opponent and trap him/her in an egg
Flying Stomp Down + B Crush your enemies
Scrambled Egg Up + B Toss an Egg
Egg Roll Forward + B So into Egg form and roll on opponents