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Using the Controls
Welcome back for another round of Smash Brother mayhem! If you've played the original N64 game, you'll find the controls are nearly the same as before. Thrown into the mix are new Smash moves that use the B button, and new dodge moves. But before we get into all that, let's take a look at the basic moves.
Tapping and Tilting
As in the original game, an attack's power depends on how you use the Stick with the button. By simply holding the Stick in one direction, while pressing A or B, you'll get a stronger attack. However, to execute stronger attacks, you must tap the Stick and the button at the same time. It's tough to time exactly, but once you get the timing down, you'll be unstoppable!

Smash and Charge Attacks
Each character can perform a powerful Smash attack by tapping the Stick and the A Button at the same time. Some of these attacks can also be used as Charge attacks by pressing the Stick and holding A. The character will charge up and when you release the attack, it will be more damaging.

Using Items
Some items can be used as weapons, and they replace your usual A button attack. You can also use Smash attacks with some weapons, making them even more powerful! If you get tired of an item, or want to throw it at someone, tap the Z button.

Grabbing and Tossing
You can grab an opponent by pressing the R and A Buttons, or by pressing Z. You can then perform a throw move by pressing on the Control Stick.

Dodge and Defense
The L and R buttons are used with the Control Stick to perform Dodge Moves. Press L or R while pressing Down on the stick to dodge an attack on the ground or in the air. Pressing L or R then pressing Left or Right on the stick will cause your character to roll on the ground. You can also activate a sheild by holding L or R, but if you hold it for too long, the sheild will break and you'll be dazed for a few seconds!

Using the Controls