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Items and Weapons
There are lots of new weapons to choose from, as well as welcome returns of old favorites. Unlike the previous game, some items can be used for defense. If a character doesn't have a weapon or projectile attack, an item will be more powerful for them.
Star Rod (Kirby's Adventure) - You can either bash an opponent with the Star Rod, or fire shooting stars by using it with a Smash attack.
Beam Sword (Kirby's Dream Land) - You could just call it a "Lightsaber" if you want. Extend it to full length by swinging it once.
Flipper (Pinball) - The updated bumper spins in the air, sending anyone unlucky enough to touch it flying off.
Star (Super Mario Bros) - Touch the bouncing star to become invulnerable for a short time.
Maxim Tomato (Kirby's Dream Land) - Recovers up to 50% of your lost energy
Heart Container (The Legend of Zelda) - Recovers up to 100% of your lost energy
Home Run Bat (Earthbound) - If you time it with a Smash attack, the Home Run Bat can knock anyone out of the ring, no matter how low their damage counter is!
Bob-omb (Super Mario Bros.) - A powerful blast could knock both your opponent and yourself out of the ring if you're not careful.
Hammer (Donkey Kong) - You'll be invulnerable and unstoppable for a brief period of time. The only downside is that you can't double jump while swinging the hammer. Occasionally you'll get a bad hammer that loses its head when you swing it.
Motion Mine (Top Secret) - Set it in an area where your opponents are sure to tread. It will explode once they get near it.
Fire Flower (Super Mario Bros) - Much like a flame-thrower, but with a fresh country scent.
Pokeball (Pokemon) - Toss it and a Pokemon will pop out to help you. Some of your favorites return, along with new monsters from Gold and Silver!
Red Shell (Super Mario Bros) - It will fly back and forth on a ledge, knocking anyone that comes close.
Green Shell (Super Mario Bros) - Toss it at your opponent, but watch out for rebounds!
Mushroom (Super Mario Bros) - Grab this Mushroom to grow to titanic size! Some Mushrooms are poisonous and cause you to shrink, so watch out!
Metal Box (Super Mario 64) - Transform into a metal character that can't be damaged much or thrown very far.
Barrel Cannon (Donkey Kong Country) - Throw it at your opponent, then watch them get blasted off in a random direction.
Nova Gun (Starfox) - Fire a steady stream of shots. Holds only 20 rounds.
Paper Fan (Earthbound) - A rather weak weapon.
Cloaking Device (Legend of Zelda) - Become invisible, though you can still see your outline when you move.
Bunny Hood (Majora's Mask) - Don the Bunny Hood to move faster
Mr. Saturn (Earthbound) - He just walks around and pushes items off ledges, but you can pick him up and throw him if you want.
Warp Star (Kirby's Dream Land) - Hop on to fly away quickly, then come crashing down on your opponents!
Super Scope (SNES) - Fire a constant barrage of firepower. Very annoying!
Lip's Stick (Panel De Peon) - This flower releases dust that causes energy sapping flowers to grow on your opponents head.
Food (Kirby Super Star) - Score a piece of food to reduce your damage counter 5%
Screw Attack (Metroid) - Hold this item and jump to perform a spinning screw attack.
Freezie (Mario Bros) - Hit someone with it to encase them in a block of ice.
Parasol (Kirby Super Star) - Hit people with it like a sword, or open it up to float in the air.
Items & Weapons