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Adventure Mode
In the original game's single player mode, a player simply climbed up a ladder of opponents to the final stage. In SSBM, instead of going arena to arena, you must go through different side-scrolling stages to reach the actual fight! Leap over bottomless pits and break blocks to battle Mario, and delve into dank underground dungeons to challenge Link. You can also find new Trophies randomly scattered throughout the stages, but you can't keep them unless you finish Adventure mode.
Stage 1: The Mushroom Kingdom
It's a blast from the past with the Mushroom Kingdom stage! Run to the right, while stomping Goombas and breaking blocks. Watch out for bottomless pits and flying Koopa Troopas!
Points of Interest---------------------------
1. Team Yoshi: About halfway through the side-scrolling stage, you'll come upon a plateau where you must fight a dozen colorful Yoshies. They're easy to beat, so use B button attacks to knock them away.
2. Water Docks: You can splash into the water, but if you go down too far, you'll lose a life. A trophy is randomly placed seemingly out of place underneath the dock. Triple jump under the dock to reach it
3. Peach's Castle: The second part of the stage is a fight with Mario and Peach. They will jump around while trying to knock out off the roof.
Secret: Cross the goal line to end the first part of the stage with a time of xx.x2.xx to see a cameo by Luigi.
Stage 2: Kongo Jungle
Donkey Kong Island is home to international gaming sensation, Donkey Kong! You'll fight the giant gorrilla, in bite-sized and super-sized portions! Stay away from the river, and keep an eye out for a cameo from Cranky Kong!
Points of Interest---------------------------
1. Tiny DKs: Two small Donkey Kongs will attack you on the river rapids level, but they are pretty easy to beat. Just rough them up a little bit, then knock them away with a Smash attack.
Points of Interest---------------------------
1. Giant DK: The sun is setting, but DK is just getting started. Battle a giant version of the ape. He's slow, but he carries a powerful punch! Try to knock him into the river, where the rapid water might wash him out of the arena.
Stage 3: Underground Maze
You will find yourself in a dank, underground dungeon in this stage, where you must find the Triforce to escape! Stay away from the Redead that tread in this place, or you could find the life sucked out of you!
Points of Interest---------------------------
1. Triforce and Link: The Triforce is randomly placed in several locations in the maze, and if it isn't in the location you investigate, you must fight Link to advance. Fight off Link and keep searching. Once you find the Triforce, you will exit the dungeon.
2. Fighting Zelda: You will fight Princess Zelda on the Temple Stage. She won't stay still long enough for you to do much damage at once, but keep wearing her down.

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