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Classic Mode
The Classic Mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee has several different ways to fight, and they're all fun! Classic mode is for one player only and you can choose from several levels of difficulty. This is the easiest mode to earn Coins to use to gamble for Trophies. You will also earn a Trophy of the character you used if you defeat Classic Mode.
The Classic Mode is actually many different modes in one. The order of each mode from the beginning is: Normal, Team, Bonus, Normal, Giant, Bonus, Normal, Multi-Man, Bonus, Metal and Final Boss Stages. The characters you face are randomly picked, so you won't always face Bowser or Kirby in the first stage of the game.

Regular Stage
Regular Stage plays much like the 1P Mode in the original N64 game. Battle one on one against an opponent in his or her home arena. If you can knock your opponent out of the arena, you can move to the next stage.

Team Stage
In Team Stage you and a computer controlled ally fight against two other CPU opponents. Your partner's A.I. isn't too high though, so don't expect him to carry you through the match.

Giant Stage
If your favorite stage in the original Smash Bros was fighting Giant Donkey Kong, then you'll love this mode. In Giant Stage, you and two other CPU allies fight against a randomly selected character ballooned up to gigantic proportions. As in Team Stage, your partners aren't too bright, so you'll have to lead the attack.

Multi-Man Stage
Much like the Yoshi stage in the original game, you will fight up to twenty clones of one character here. They will go down pretty easily though, depending on what difficulty level you're on.

Metal Stage
You'll find yourself facing a titanium opponent in the Metal Stage. The character you face is randomly selected, so be prepared for anything! Metal characters have the same moves as their normal counterparts, and are harder to throw off the platform, but if you can knock them off, remember that they're too heavy to jump very far...

Bonus Stage
There are three types of Bonus Stages to contend with in Classic Mode. In Break The Targets, you have a set time to break a number of targets. In Race To The Finish, you must find the exit, but don't take the first door out, or else you might miss out on some cash. Finally in Snag The Trophies, a twisted take on basketball, you must knock three trophies onto a platform. If you complete Classic Mode, you get to keep them!

Boss Stage
The final boss of Classic Mode waits for you after the metal match! The final battle will change depending on the difficulty level, and how well you progressed through the game, but you can be sure it's gonna be a giant glove...