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Tournament Mode
Stage 1 Vs. Link  Link will be your first challenger in the Tournament Mode. Link is pretty easy, just keep knocking him down until his damage meter goes over 150%. By that time, if you knock him over the edge, he won't be coming back. For a really spectacular finish, toss him into the tornado that appears.
Points of Interest
1. Tornado  A tornado will appear in a random spot and wreak havoc on anyone or anything that falls into its path. Tossing a weak opponent into it will send him or her flying off into the wide blue yonder. 
2. Zelda's Tower  The tall tower in the center of the stage can serve as the perfect aerial ambush spot. 
3. Guard Tower  The small guard tower on the right side of the stage is a great hiding spot. 
Stage 2  Vs. Yoshi Team  Next up on the tourney ladder is 18 brightly colored Yoshies! The Yoshies won't put up much of a fight. Use plenty of B button moves to knock them away. If you are quick, you can grab them and toss them away.You will face up to three of them at one time. If you can find a hard hitting item, you'll clear this stage in no time at all.
Points of Interest
1. Clouds  The clouds on both sides can support your character, but only for a little while. 
2. Platforms  Jump up through the platforms with a Up + B move to totally surprise your opponent. 
Stage 3 Vs. Fox McCloud   Fox will be your first real challenge. When fighting Fox, try not to use projectile attacks, because Fox can reflect them right back at you. Fox likes to knock opponents down, then strike them over and over with his blaster as they try to get back up.
Points of Interest
1. Arwings  Arwings will fly through the air, and fire lazers at the fighters. You can hop on one and use it as a platform. 
2. Tail  The tail of the Great Fox is so tall, it takes a full Triple Jump to get back over it. This is a great way to lose a weak jumper.
Stages 1-3
Bonus Stage 1
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Stages 7-9
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