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How Do I Get The High Target In Link's Stage?
Stand under the target and toss your Boomerang to the left (B). When the Boomerang starts to come back, perform a Triple Jump up towards the target. If you time it just right, the Boomerang will miss you and hit the target. 

Which is the best character to get Falcon?
Since you have to beat the game in under 15 minutes, try using Fox, since he's the fastest of the initial characters. 

Which is the best character to get Ness?
To get Ness, you must beat the game with three lives and no continues on the Normal Setting. Use the character you use most often so you'll have the most success beat the game under the conditions. 

How do I beat -------'s Bonus Stage?
There is a detailed guide to each character's stage in the tournament section. 

How do I activate (fill in special feature here)
Check out the Codes and Secrets section to the left.

Are there any other hidden characters in the game?

Can I play as Metal Mario, Master Hand, Giant DK, Bowser, etc...
No. These are just rumors... unless you use a Gameshark.

What does Goldeen do?
Since there are no water stages, it just flops around. It's a "dud" Pokemon 

What does Mew do?
Mew just pops up and flies away. You also get some bonus points in Tournament Mode.

Basic Moves