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The object of the game is to knock your opponent off the edge of the ring. It's never as simple as it sounds, as you can continue if you make it back to the ring in a certain amount of time. First, you must weaken your opponent by knocking him or her down. As a character takes a beating, his Challenge Meter will start to go up. If it goes above 100%, the next time you get knocked out of the ring, you might not be able to bounce back. The Triple Jump will be vital to winning. As you reach the height of your first jump, perform a Double Jump to reach new heights. The multiplayer game offers a four player free-for-all, while the single player mode has a thirteen level Tournament style game. 

Controller Layout
A Button Normal Attack
B Button  Special Attack
Stick Left/Right Move to the left or right
Tap Left/Right 2x Dash
Stick Up Jump
Stick Down Duck
C Buttons Jump
Z Button Block
Z + Foward Roll
R Button Grab
L Button Taunt
Double Jump At the top of your first jump, press Up or C 
again to jump once more*
Triple Jump At the top of your second jump, press Up + 
*Kirby, Yoshi and Jigglypuff don't have a Double or Triple Jump, but they can float around longer by holding Jump. 

Tapping and Tilting
There are two ways to pull off attacks in Super Smash Bros., the Tap and the Tilt. By simply pressing A or B, you will get a weak attack. But if you hold the Stick in one direction, you'll get a stronger attack. To get the ultimate Smash Attack, you must tap the Stick and the A button at the same time. It's tough to time exactly, but once you get the timing down, you'll be unstopable!

Basic Moves