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Occasionally, containers such as barrels or eggs will fall into the arena. Break them open to get the items inside! Be careful, because sometimes the crates are booby-trapped!

Energy Blade
This light saber like sword 
won't give you the force, 
but it can strike opponents 
from a distance! 

Star Rod
This item is shorter than 
the Energy Blade, but it
does the same thing. Use
it with a Tap command
will make it shoot stars.

Drop it in a corner, then 
toss your opponent into it.
But watch out as it
might bounce back at

Home Run Bat
This baby can knock 
opponents clear out of the ring.

Green Shell
Kick it toward your opponent.
Watch out for rebounds!

Red Shell
Works like the Green Shell, 
except it homes in on your target.

Wind up Bob-Omb and light 
up someone's world.

Nova Gun
This has a long range to 
strike your opponents. It 
has limited ammo though.

Toss a Pokeball and release 
a Pokemon that will take on 
your enemies. 

Paper Fan
Give your opponent the mother 
of all paper cuts with this baby.

Fire Flower
Toss a fireball toward 
your opponent. Be wary
as it burns out quickly.

It's hammer time! Hammer 
your opponents into submission.

Motion Mine
This mine will explode when 
an opponent gets close.

You will be invincible for a 
short time.

Maxim Tomato
This yummy fruit will restore 
some lost life 

Heart Container
This restores all the energy 
you've lost in a fight.
Basic Moves